Backbeat Studios

Bigger, Better, Backbeat!

Address: 215A Jalan Besar, Singapore


Backbeat Studios is a recording studio that is growing bigger and better in terms of both vision and reality. In 2007, Backbeat underwent a major renovation with the main focus of optimizing the acoustics and vibes of the studio, in order to maximize the music and recording experience of musicians and clients who have been coming back regularly to Backbeat.

Design of acoustic space is a huge science. The dimensions and acoustics tracking and control room were carefully calculated with the help of experienced audio engineer Frank Lee to control their reverb (decay times) and frequency responses. Musicians and artistes who have been back at Backbeat regularly appreciate how nice the rooms sound on its own. Well, actually, Backbeat also looks good on its own which probably helps in generating good vibes for musical creativity (check out the pictures).

The secret of the nice Backbeat sound? Acoustic control. The wall panels and ceiling panels are positioned and angled for sound absorption purposes to make the room sound bigger and better. Yes, bigger and better backbeat.


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